Smiling green elf woman in a hero section illustration with an empty white background

A new way

Arthemy software screenshot showing the evolution area and control panels, multiple fantasy image generations for free

Create images with AI

From a simple text description to finalized art - guide the AI and let it help you realize photos, artworks and all kind of images for you!
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Designed by ARTISTS for ARTISTS

Creativity requires courage and exploration.
Great ideas are nothing more than the beginning of a journey towards their ultimate shape.
Ugly sketch with a black silhouette on the left and orange shapes on the right
Epic photography pose of a cowgirl with an orange canyon backgroundClassic statue standing with a simple background, looking towards the rightFantasy female character from behind with a closed fist, in a gothic D&D city with orange fogMenacing alien posing in front of a city on fire with orange and red tones
Arthemy software screenshot showing variations of a yellow and orange starting picture, all generated with Arthemy for free
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BUILD your ideas

You can start to generate images from simple descriptions but you can also sketch rough ideas or import your pictures.


With a simple prompt you can turn your fantasies in reality - in just few clicks!

Splash original art of a fantasy girl jumping on a white background, generated with AI


If you want more control, you can add a sketch to the prompt in order to guide the AI towards your desired results.

Simple sketched illustration of an Italian Renaissance man wearing a hat, surrounded by thorns


By uploading a picture from your PC you can use that as blueprint, using its colors, depth or shapes.

Meisje met de parel, Jan Vermeer - Girl with a turban and a pearl earring, original oil painting masterpiece
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Models ready to be mixed

Choose your STYLE

Our styles are fine-tuned AI model capable of representing a specific type of media.

Feel free to stick to one of them or alternate between styles, building your very own artistic approach.
Realistic photography of a green cat looking into the camera, character portrait design


If you’re searching for a creative substitute to your stock photos - this is the style you need
Green cat in a cartoon fantasy style looking into the camera, character portrait design


If you’re a fan of fantasy characters, illustrations and cartoon - Comics might be your favorite style.
Minimal geometric art of a green cat looking into the camera, character portrait design


The ideal style for minimal and clean approaches - from icons to vector illustrations, Logos is the ultimate image simplifier.
A stylized symbol with a green circle around it, representing a prompt for AI generation

A prompt made simple

A prompt that can INSPIRE

The hardest part of the prompt is not on the keyboard, but in our mind.

With a blank box of text you might forget to focus on some aspects of the image you might visualize in your mind.

With our deconstructed prompt, you can finally focus on one aspect at the time.
AI-generated artwork illustrating the creative prowess of artificial intelligence in image creation. Immerse yourself in the realm of innovative design and visual storytelling with our AI-powered image generation. Uncover boundless possibilities in digital art with state-of-the-art technology. Embark on a journey to visually striking and distinctive creations through the enchantment of AI image synthesis. Arthemy software screenshot showing natural landscapes created for free with AI
Joyful cartoon fantasy elf girl jumping with a floating scarf in green and cyan colors
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