Dark skin elf ice wizard in a heroic pose with a comic book style, empty white background
A stylized symbol with a green circle around it, representing a stylized person


Who are we

It was 2022 when the first image generations with AI drove our graphic designer crazy. The creative freedom offered by this technology created a real obsession in him - which he managed to convey to all of us, one chat at a time.
However, this passion had obstacles:
  • The software in circulation were not very accessible
  • Writing a good prompt was a complex challenge
  • Creating variants of previously generated images was a constant leap into the void
  • There was no history that reported the steps taken previously

His need for a system able to solve these limitations convinced all of us to join his cause and develop together a platform that guaranteed reliability, simplicity, and clarity - for all those creatives limited by complex interfaces and a general lack of workflow direction.
So, our small team of programmers and designers launched into the creation of arthemy - which you can experiment with for free right now!
Portrait photo of Alessandro Delfino, graphic designer, founder, on a dark background

Alessandro Delfino

Founder, UI and graphic designer and Styles tweaker.
If something looks bad or weird, you’re the one you need to punch.
Portrait photo of Alberto Castella, engineer, founder, wearing glasses

Alberto Castella

Founder, lead programmer and big brain behind every technical choice.
If something breaks down, it’s his fault, let the complaints flow!
Portrait photo of Samuel Suni, UI designer, founder, on a white background

Samuen 'Hamunii' Suni

Founder, UI designer and our furnace of ideas.
There is no visual inconsistency that can survive a twelve minutes call with her.
Portrait photo of Francesco Scassillo, backender, founder, on a white background

Francesco Scassillo

Back-ender down to the core. The human Balrog hidden in the dark depths of our servers’ cave.